Zhou Qi injured 11 +6 wounded to leave

At a Development League game, Venom home reversed the Fort Wayne Moot, ranked # 2 in the East, by 119-116. Zhou Qi 6 voted 4 contributed 11 points and 6 rebounds and 1 assists and 1 steal, but the whistle before the whistle, he fell heavily to cover opponents, suspected elbow injury exit. However, Zhou Qi did not return to the locker room, the injury should not be serious.
Zhou Qi good performance of the start of the game, hit a turnaround jumper. However, on the court, Zhou Qi ambush most of the time outside the third line, not much chance. Zhou Qi has an empty cut, wonderful pass Onuluk layup, and later dribble sent pass, let teammates won the layup. To the second quarter, Zhou Qi hit third, then cut into the foul made two free throws. If Zhou Qi play more flexible, long and short cut, or to be able to get the chance, but from the game point of view, he cut the number of air-cut is not enough. Before the whistle, Zhou Qi completed a complement, but then to cover the opponent, fell heavily to the ground, the expression of pain. During the pause, Zhou Qi appears, appears to be elbow injury, but he has been sitting on the bench, did not go to the locker room, the injury should not be very serious.buy nba mt at nbamtcoins.com, the first nba 2k mt store

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