Durant led MVP battle Harden has been temporarily behind

Charles Buckley, a former NBA personality who serves as a commentator on TNT television in the United States, did not really like publicly praising the Warriors, but after looking at the recent performance of the Warriors and Durant, Buckley said that now Durant Lead in this season’s MVP battle, the former high voice rocket star James – Haddon has now been temporarily behind.
Durant contributed 32 points yesterday when the Warriors beat the Cavaliers. After looking at the performance of Durant, Buckley said: “Before I think James – Harden, Durant and LeBron James together to lead the MVP battle, but I think the situation has now become Du Rand leads the pack alone, and in the past two to three weeks to a month without Coolidge playing a few games, Durant stands out rather well and is now the leader in MVP. Buckley added: “Of course, Stephen Curry is also a player who can compete for the MVP.”

Charles Buckley and Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith are commentators on TNT television. In the past, Buckley’s views were often criticized by O’Neal and Kenny Smith. This time on the issue of MVP candidates, O’Neill and Smith did agree with Buckley’s point of view, they also think Durant is now the MVP leader of the dispute this season. However, O’Neal still joke with Buckley.

“Charles, I want to get out of your car,” O’Neill said. “A few weeks ago, you always talked about James Harden and James Harden. You did not even mention Durant’s name. Your thoughts have become so fast, but I now agree with Charles that Durant is the MVP leader in the fight. ”

Durant recently played really well, in the game with Clippers last Thursday, Durant scored 40 points, his career total score broke 20,000 points, and in the last two NBA MVP games Standings, Durant ranked first. Durant this season’s data is averaging 25.7 points, 5.3 assists and 6.9 rebounds.

Rockets headed star James – Harden is because of wounds in the battle for MVP gradually diminished, he ranked in the NBA official MVP competition standings in the last two weeks continued to decline last week fell to second place, the latest one MVP competition list has dropped to third place. In the absence of Harden, Chris – Paul single core led still good performance, leading the Rockets made 3 wins and 3 losses record, the Rockets are still 30 wins and 12 losses ranked second in the west.buy nba 2k18 mt coins at nbamtcoins.com, 24/7 online help.

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