Career 18th single 20 +

The warriors beat the sun by 120-111 away. Warriors star Stephen – Curry 26 shots in 15, three-pointers 13-for-8, get the highest 42 points in the audience. The first section, he scored 23 points.

After the start of the game, Curry’s feel hot hot, simply can not stop. The first section, Curry 12-for-8, three-pointers 8-for-5, single-hong 23 points, led the Warriors in the first quarter to get 41 points, while the Suns in this section a total of only 18 points, There is not a lot of money in the library.

In addition to the third hand feel very good, Curry also played in the field very aggressive, in a breakthrough layup process, the library was inside the sun Lynn hit heavily, so that the Warriors scared out a cold sweat, good There is nothing in the library.

In fact, for the library, the single section to get 20 points is not difficult. Before the game, Curry in the career has 17 times a single section to get at least 20 points, personal record is a single section to get 28 points.

It is worth mentioning that the Cavaliers headed star LeBron – James career has 22 times a single score of 20 +, in this one, the library with Zhanhuang good PK mt

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