Bucks boss daughter show love Boer Jensi

New York Knicks listened to the news of the Boer Jenis offer the news of a variety of transactions rumors continue, the Bucks boss’s beautiful daughter Marlowe – Aideng Si also forward a transaction rumors, and launched to the wave of God The “offensive”.

She wrote: “Although this 90% are joking, but now the transaction rumors is too crazy, @ Boer Jenisi, I have a plane tomorrow afternoon from New York to Milwaukee, if you can, then you can I am together. “At the end, she also played on the playful three kisses kiss expression.

Marlowe 14 years when the NBA draft, with a sweet appearance, warm people smile, became the eyes of the goddess of the eyes of the characters. In her this “show love” wave of God, a public netizens said he was lovelorn, it seems the charm of the goddess really can not stop. Do not know her Zhefan “love offensive” will not affect the wave of God it? let us wait and see.

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